Things to Do at Calvary!

Do you ever think that you would like to ‘get more involved’ in the activities at Calvary? Do you ever say ‘but what can I do?’ Well, here are some things in which you can become involved!


  • Join the altar guild. Help set up communion and change the paraments and banners seasonally. Contact Sue Wise or Julie Ries if you want to become involved.

  • Get involved with the facility team. This team keeps Calvary up and running. The meet weekly and provide needed maintenance. Contact Mike Northrup or Bob Austin.

  • Help provide a FREE MEAL. Calvary provides a free meal monthly. People to help are always needed. Contact Pam Tullis.

  • Attend Adult Sunday School. This group meets between services in the conference room. Contact Norm Kruckenberg or Kay Northrup.

  • Help with Fellowship Activities. This team hosts activities for family and friends such as Oktoberfest, Wegians concert, Pancake supper on Shrove Tuesday. Contact Melody Knoles.

  • Keep in contact with members both old and new. Contact Sue Wise of Community Life.

  • Organize and maintain Calvary’s Archives. Contact Margaret Planton.