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Babylon Vacation Bible School










This summer 54 children, tweens, and teens age 3 to 14 registered for our Vacation Bible School at Calvary Lutheran Church. Along with many adult volunteers, they joined Daniel—torn from his home and forced into the king’s service—in Babylon, home of the famous Hanging Gardens. Together with Daniel, they imagined the pressure of learning a new language and culture in Babylon and the shock of discovering your best friends have been tossed into a fiery furnace! Visitors to Babylon found that they’re not much different from Daniel and his friends, who kept their faith in challenging times.

Throughout the week, we explored exotic sights and smells in a Babylonian bazaar! We made a memory box at the Mosaic Studio and sampled delicious new tastes at the Food Court. At the Astronomy School, we learned about constellations and make a star viewer to use on sunny days. We learned to toot our own horns at the Music Shop. Most exciting, though, mayhave been crafting a boat at the Fleetyards, because on Friday night, we had boat races at the Palace Playground!

Thank you for visiting Babylon this summer!

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