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Our Church History

"On the Day of the Lord, July 9, 1899, Rev. Dornblaser, held the first service in the afternoon at the Music Hall on the second floor, of the Foulke Block at corner of Paint and Main Streets. In the evening, the first real service was held with 23 present and an offering of $1.11."

Harvest Festival 1915
Rev. Schnur & Family 1906
Sunday School Picnic 1902

Sunday School Picnic 1902

Calvary Lutheran Church on Postcard 1917

Postcard 1917

In the spring of 1899, Edward J. Herrnstein, then of Cincinnati, invited Reverends S.G. Domblaser of Columbus and Herbert J. Weaver of Troy, members of the" Advisory Home Mission Committee (HMC) of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Miami, to visit Chillicothe and learn whether there was a good opening for an English speaking Lutheran Church." It is from their vision and action that began the roots of Calvary Lutheran Church!

Our Mission Statement
Misson Statement

Sharing God's Grace.

Our Purpose Statement

Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church is a community whose call to mission is in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
In grateful response to God’s welcoming and caring love, we endeavor, through worship, study, fellowship, and service to demonstrate, nurture, and embrace that love in our daily living.

Our Values
  1.  We are grounded  in the Word of God, the Bible, which  is centered around the life and message of Jesus Christ. All teaching and preaching seeks to be Biblically based. All decisions for ministry attempt to reflect God's inspired word for our lives. We study the Word of God.

  2. Every person is a child of God. God accepts people as they are. God's love is unconditional. Everyone is at a different place in his or her journey. We seek to welcome others as Jesus did.

  3. Worshiping God is a chief expression of faith as a congregation. We value regular worship opportunities. We value worship that is faithful to our Lutheran tradition but maintains relevance to our community and culture. We uphold the importance of the Word of God in our worship, along with the sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion.

  4. All Christians are called to be disciples. We each have a call in living out our faith. Each of us has been uniquely equipped and gifted to share in the ministry of Jesus Christ. We believe in the "priesthood of all believers."

  5. We are called to be a caring community. We seek the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of our members and others outside our walls. We seek fellowship opportunities to strengthen our community of faith. We seek ways to be in Christian service to one another and God's creation .

  6. We are called to share the Gospel, to grow the church. We work to reach out to the unchurched. We seek to welcome new members into our family of faith. We seek to nurture and strengthen the young people as a vital part of the church now and in the future.

  7. The Gospel changes lives. We will be different in our family, vocation, and community because of our faith. Our spiritual development is a life long journey. We will be challenged, comforted, and shaped along the way. We strive to see the world through the lens of God's grace.

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